ARDA's section structure and its events not only provide informative programs, but also allow members to network with their industry peers. ARDA members include representatives from all of the Class 1 railroads, several shortline railroads, as well as professionals in real estate, economic development, environmental, engineering, legal, and other disciplines. The diversity of our membership makes ARDA events excellent educational and networking opportunities!

Our Sections

  • Economic Development
    Focused on enhancing rail business through the expansion and location of new railway and customer facilities.
  • Real Estate
    Works to address the challenges that the rail industry faces in the acquisition, sale, and lease of real property.
  • Environmental
    Represents the environmental interests of the rail industry and provides awareness and information transfer on related topics.
  • Law
    Focuses on legal issues affecting the railroad industry.
  • Technology
    Promotes technology and systems that advance matters pertaining to railroad environmental, real estate, and economic development activities.

Becoming a member of ARDA makes you eligible to vote and hold office in the Association.

The various sections meet at each Annual Meeting.