Who We Are & How Do We Serve

The American Railway Development Association (ARDA) is a not-for-profit educational trade association founded in 1906 to promote the Economic Development, Real Estate Development, Technology, and Environmental activities of North American railroads. ARDA achieves this through the advancement of ideas and education of members to further promote the effectiveness of railway development.

ARDA encourages membership from railroads throughout North America as well as professionals from other associations, agencies, and railroad service partners that have a direct effect on the rail industry. The varied backgrounds comprising ARDA's membership provide a diverse perspective on industry-wide issues..

ARDA's section structure and events provide informative programs and allow members to network with industry peers. ARDA members include representatives from all Class I railroads, many Class III (shortline) railroads, as well as industry professionals in a variety of disciplines. ARDA events are excellent educational and networking opportunities.