The American Railway Development Association (ARDA) holds two events for its members during the course of the year: a short, mid-winter Executive Forum and a longer, summertime Annual Meeting.

Annual Meeting

ARDA holds a three-day conference each summer known as the Annual Meeting. The conference includes a variety of presentations organized by the section leadership and is intended to address the current state of affairs in the rail industry. The Annual Meeting is held in various cities around the United States and provides many opportunities for attendees to get to know each other on a more personal level that engenders a connected community and friendships. ARDA sections are also given time during the Annual Meeting to break out in smaller groups to discuss current trends, changes or developments that apply to their focus within the industry. The event is capped by a celebratory dinner and activity for all who attend.

Executive Forum

Early each year, ARDA conducts a dynamic two-day meeting that covers a variety of current topics affecting the railroad industry. Typically, the program consists of two half days of presentations with a night of entertainment in between, with lots of networking opportunities. The Executive Forum is a time to build powerful connections with peers and increase industry awareness.