The Technology section promotes raising awareness of new technology that is applicable to the railroad industry and helping railroads become safer and more efficient through the use of technology.




Vice Chair


James Landavazo
Manager Economic Development
Wesley Kaisershot
Vice President
SurvWest, LLC

Travis Looney
Vice President
LSW Land Services

Newsletter Features

DECEMBER 2023 - Digital Twin In The Railroad Industry
DECEMBER 2022 - The Growth and Impact of Mobile Applications within the Rail Industry
DECEMBER 2021 - Digital Transformation of Railroads – Railroads look for savings and return on investment in technological advancements.
DECEMBER 2020 - Managing an Ever-increasing Number of Online Accounts Organizing and Securing Online Accounts using Password Managers

DECEMBER 2018 - The Benefits of Advanced Survey Methods on the Railroad

OCTOBER 2017 - Accurate Data Improving Public Safety One Grade Crossing at a Time
DECEMBER 2015 - Technological Advancements at the FRA