Real Estate


The Real Estate section works to address the challenges facing the railroad in in managing, utilizing, and monetizing its land.



Vice Chair


Deborah Marshall
Utility Coordination Manager
Guy Engineering
Damon Gomez
Rail Solution Consultant
Bartlett & West
Mitch Bruckner
Director of Real Estate


Newsletter Features

JUNE 2023 - Satellite Imaging For Managing Railroad Property
JUNE 2022 - Blockchain & Railroad Real Estate
MAY 2021 - The Impacts of Diversity and Inclusion in the Rail Industry
MAY 2020 - Identifying Real Estate Opportunities in a Pandemic
SEPTEMBER 2019 - Retaining Institutional Knowledge and Knowledge Transfer
AUGUST 2018 - History of "Across the Fence" Valuation for Railroad Real Estate
MAY 2017 - Recent Developments Regarding Utility Crossings of Railroad Right of Way